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Our mission is 'Keeping Customers Operational' by:

  • providing professional Management Services to assist customers with their Business Development actvities and Enterprise Support of infrastructure


Business Development

- Consultancy

- Value Added Resale

Enterprise Support

- Day Rate / Project Based

- Spares and Repairs

  • sourcing Solutions such as equipment spares, component repairs and functional replacements for Sustainable Systems maintenance, as well as telecoms and other Technologies and Products to enhance operations. 


Sustainable Systems

- New Replacements

- Legacy Maintenance

Technolgies and Products

- Infrastructure

- Telecoms

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Business Development

YellowsBest assists Customers by providing a range of Business Development professional services. These can be contracted in a flexible way i.e. anything from Day-Rate to Project Based delivery.


YellowsBest is able to support companies by providing advice and practical asssitance for a wide range of business initiatives and services requirements.

Value Added Resale

YellowsBest is able assist vendors and OEMs by acting as a Value Added reseller (VAR) to offer sales channel partnership for the supply and support of a broad range of customer businesses.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Enterprise Support

YellowsBest can supplement the customers resources by providing technical support services to provide expertise for specific operational and planned maintenance tasks. These services include:


YellowsBest can provide tailor-made hands-on instruction on a wide range of tasks that deliver exactly the knowledge transfer staff need to function at their best and ensure optimum business operations.

Telephone Assistance

YellowsBest can provide a working hours telephone support service (or 24/7 ’emergency’ cover if necessary) for customer staff to call-up and have their queries logged, with call-back by an engineer within an agreed SLA period.

Operations and Maintenance

Hardware Repair

YellowsBest is able to provide a comprehensive repairs management service, using our network of independent repair houses to supplement OEM services enabling repairs to be performed for a broad range of new and old technologies, all to a standard equivalent to the original working condition and with warranted operation.

Engineering Site Visits

YellowsBest can arrange for a suitably qualified engineering expert to make a planned visit to the customer’s site in order to troubleshoot the issues and provide recommendations for the way forward.

Software Support

YellowsBest can arrange for the expertise in the specific software solutions to be made available, and where applicable arrange for upgrades of older systems to the latest, supported versions of the system deployment.

Spares Supply

YellowsBest can seek out and source required equipment spare parts, which for older and legacy systems can be hard to obtain, and for newer systems may be obtained at more competitive prices.

Solutions Sourcing

YellowsBest can provide solutions engineering assistance to businesses to help specify the details of the requirements, and then seek out the product solutions accordingly, in the form of either complete replacement systems, or re-manufactured elements to provide the most efficient substitution of equivalent required functionality.

Please let us know how we can best tailor a services package to support your needs

Reverse Logisitics - Value Recovery

YellowsBest can bring some key benefits to the customer and the environment at large by assisting with the ‘reverse logistics’ removal of the replaced system equipment, and then bring a welcome source of revenue through resale and recycling of the recovered legacy elements.

Sustainable Systems

OEMs & Systems

YellowsBest ensures Sustainable Systems by sourcing Solutions to assist customers maintain the operational status of their infrastructure.

We support both new and ‘legacy’ equipment, providing hardware repair and software corrections and suppling spares or functional replacements.

YellowsBest works with a diverse range of Customers having critical infrastructure deployment and maintenance requirements, and consequently supports a broad equipment portfolio of systems and ancillary items.

There follows a non-exhaustive list of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) together with examples of some of their systems that we can supply and support.

Please let us know any other requirements you have, as we should be able to assist.

ABB / Keymile / Aastra - XMC20, UMUX, UNEM, XMP1


Alcatel / Lucent - 1511 Max

Anself - Solar Charge Controllers

Apple - PowerMac G5 / Pro

Benning - MCU1000

Bosch - DSK. MIC-500 CCTV Cameras

Brocade / Foundry - 10G

Ciena - SM-A, CM-A

Cisco - ISR 4300 series

ECI Telecom - OPBFC

Eltec - AL 175 NT

Ericsson - OMS 846, OMS 860, OMS 870, OMS 1600

Ernitec - M2504 M/2

Extreme Networks - Summit

Fisch - Lead-Acid Cell AGM Batteries

Huawei - M1000

IBM - PS/2 Model 80

Juniper - SRX 5400, EX 3300

Ganz - ZC-YX/NX270 Series Cameras

Marconi / GEC - SMA SDH

Mercury - DC-Mains Power Inverters

MRV - EM 316EM 1600EM 2003EM 2004

New Energy Co-operative - Flexible Solar Panels

Newbridge - MCPCEBTDS

Nokia Telecommunications - Dynanet PDH, Synfonet SDH, NMS/10, NMS/100, DX220

Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) - Surpass, HIG1100, HIE9200, HIQ8000

Nortel - OTR, OCLD

Pelco - Spectra IP Dome System Cameras

RAD - Megaplex, ETX, ASMi, RADview

Rohde & Schwarz - ADD095 Antennas, DF-ATC-S Direction Finding (RDF)

Tellabs - DM8MX8

Thomson - Speed Touch

Transmode - MDUOCU

3COM - Baystack

360Vision - ‘Predator’ Cameras 

Technologies and Products

YellowsBest offers various new and ‘legacy’ equipment Technologies and a wide range of infrastructure, telecoms and other Products, enabling Customers in many diverse organisations and across a wide spread of market sectors with Solutions to do more whilst reaping cost-benefits.

Below is listed the Market Sectors of our Customers, together with typical Technologies and examples of Products we supply.

We’re always keen to expand our portfolio, so please let us know anything you require; we can usually provide what is needed.

Market Sectors

  • Maintenance Companies
  • Private Networks & SMEs
  • Public Safety (Police, Fire, Ambulance)
  • Systems Integrators
  • Telecoms (Carriers, Operators)
  • Transport (Rail, Metros, Underground, Highways, Aerospace)
  • Utilities (Electricity, Gas, Oil, Water)

Typical Technologies

  • Optical Fibre and Copper, PDH Access & SDH Transmission, Telecommunications equipment
  • TDMoIP, Pseudo-wire, IP Data and Voice Telephony
  • Carrier Ethernet, C / DWDM optical fiber multiplexing technology
  • Microwave Radio, wireless coverage solutions
  • Private Mobile Radio (PMR), TETRA infrastructure, terminals, accessories
  • CCTV Cameras, security systems
  • LED displays and information signs
  • Antennas and Radio Direction Finding (RDF)
  • Solar Energy off-grid installations
  • Power supplies and peripheral devices
  • IT network, workstation, server, storage products
  • Network Management Systems (NMS), OSS software
  • Test Equipment
  • Telecoms Products

Example Products

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